Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Inaugural Night

Tonight was the first night of New Volta Film Club. Thanks to everyone who came out in support, thanks to all the filmmakers and animators who showed their work and thanks to Lisa and Ger in Bewley's for their help.

Here's a list of what went on:

Film Society and You

Seamus Hanly and Brian Dunster

Some misinformation about the nature of a film society. Presented by James McDonnell.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Sophia Kansanniva

When their honey turns black and begins to taste weird two bears go on a mission to find out what the cause is. Along the way they learn a few new things and teach the culprit not to mess with them again.

Balaye Par La Vent

Carol Freeman

Lough Lynn
Carol Freeman

Where Are We Going?
Directed by Luca Rocchini

Funny, eccentric and at times insightful, Where Are We Going? explores the infinite number of answers to a single question.

Audience Winner - Darklight 2008

Dabda - by Diarmaid Hanly

A man finds himself in a strange place and has to come to terms with his situation before he can move forward. Created with a semi-rotoscoped style, digitally emulating a cut-out aesthetic.

Stargatte - Seamus Hanly

A humurous summary of the film Stargate. With improved special effects. Starring James McDonnell and James McDonnell.

Star Trek
- Seamus Hanly

A re-imagining of the new Star Trek film. Heavily featuring a pineapple and some penne pasta.

Directed by Rosie Pender
Produced by Sarah Dunphy

When Margeret O’Sullivan enters a photo booth, little does she know what’s in store for her. Will her photos be picture perfect? Or will they be a complete disaster?

Rosie and the Klup Klups - Directed by E.G. Cooper

Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Directed by Michael Heneghan

Goodnight, Black Pitch - Luca Rocchini

Music Written & Performed
Luca Rocchini
Recorded & Mixed
Niccolo' Giulianelli
Aisling Carragher & Luca Rocchini

The Office Environment
Mark Mullery

When an apathetic office worker finds a plant growing underneath his desk, caring for it in secrecy becomes the only meaningful thing in his life.

Dorn - Directed by Daniel De Butleir

Not Where You Are
Directed by Tony Flynn,
Produced by Jason Cullen

Ben is an eight year old boy who dreams of being a detective.. As his first assignment, he is going to look for his father, who disapeared when Ben was only one year old.