Thursday, March 4, 2010

So you like short films...

These folks from the Filmmakers Network are organizing screenings on the 6th of March. The shorts program includes Aaron O'Reilly's 'Circus Porcelina' and Emmet Vincent's 'Before I Die', which have both screened at New Volta. If you're free on Saturday it would be great to see them supported at this event.

Following on from the success of the Galway Fringe Fleadh June 2009, presents Dublin’s first Film Fringe Festival on 6th March 2010, the Dublin Film Fringe.

The Dublin Film Fringe festival aims to focus on exciting new shorts from Irish filmmakers as well as showcasing classic or unseen shorts from established directors. The festival will take place in sites across the city and we aim to host talks by directors, as well films screened in unusual and diverse locations.

“The Dublin Film Fringe is an opportunity for audiences in the capital to see some of the best shorts from emerging Irish filmmakers,” says Jason Butler from “The theme of our mini-festival is ‘D.I.Y.’ We’ll showcase films and filmmakers that display the invention, ingenuity and raw energy required when working independently.” is an Irish networking space for people who want to make films. For everyone from novices to busy professionals, it’s a place to make contacts, share opinions, discuss movies, contribute ideas, discover talent, build creative relationships and make films. It’s a not-for-profit initiative and as Ireland’s largest filmmaking community currently boasts over 1500 active members.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Poster

This months poster by Mr. Seamus Hanly

March Volta

In the line up this month...

Mashed Potatoes, a Retrospective Aprés Les
Helena Ní Chonchuir

Mashed Potatoes, a Retrospective is video piece inspired by a poem written by Leslie Cullinan. It is a humourous examination of the origin of an everyday staple food that has come from the ground, potatoes too forget their roots.

A Fishy Tale
Helena Ní Chonchuir

This video was part of my Graduate Show at NCAD 2007. It was chosen for ‘Launch’, an awards programme for recent graduates, curated by Mark Garry, and Four Gallery, Dublin.

Paul Dodd

Three small time career criminals who are fresh off a robbery are making their getaway. As the three make their way North both passengers, in a prearranged plan, turn on the driver in an attempt to getaway safely, ditch him and take the money.

Paul Dodd

Re-imagining of the classic beastie boys track sabotage. Started out a simple Halloween costume idea but we decided to make a video. There is a slight behind the scenes extra at the end where the actual Garda pulled us over in full 80's cop gear!

Bad Clamp
Sean Hunt

On an empty train carriage, barreling its way through a city at night, two seats clamps awake, and decide they've had enough of each other...

Paudie Baggott

A girl finds herself, under unknown circumstances, in a pitch black room. Her dying mobile phone the only source of light. No coverage. No idea where she is. With a feeling that she's not alone.

Amanda's Tears
Diarmaid Hanly

A rousing experiment in silly looping. Tediously created to compliment a 3 year old piece of music that goes nowhere.

Library Historian
Seamus Hanly, James McDonnell,
Heber Hanly

A history show spoof telling the untold story of a great Roman hero.

Henry & Sunny
Fergal Rock

In a time of unprecedented economic depression, mass unemployment and civil unrest, one group has borne the brunt of society’s scorn – the clowns. Henry & Sunny is the bittersweet tale of Henry, an unemployed clown, in love with soap opera actress, Sunny Carmichael. He writes her letters daily yet fear of rejection prevents him from disclosing his return address. Sunny reciprocates Henry’s feelings but is tragically unable to reach him.

The Scanner
Gerard Lough

A science fiction short film with the energy and pace of a music video. An alien uses a strange device to scan an area in search of a hidden craft that will take him home.

The Stolen Wings
Gerard Lough

Fantasy film packed with in camera special effects and striking visuals. A babysitter makes up an elaborate fairytale to keep a little girl amused but is she all she seems?