Friday, January 22, 2010

Totally Dublin Write Up

Here is a write up from Totally Dublin that we just discovered:

Cinephiles with short attention spans are in for a treat tonight, as the New Volta Film Club returns to the Bewley’s CafĂ© Theatre for their third installment. The monthly film sesh has been gathering fans and momentum since September, showcasing new and emerging talent in both film and animation. Among this month’s slew of up’n'comers, Finn Keenan takes his pile of arse drum-kit and ctrl-pastes it into something raucous, some muppets from Inchicore take the young Dublin social scene by storm, and Aaron O’ Reilly plays with the dark spaces created by sexual abuse and regret.

While there’s a definite student feel to some of the productions, that shouldn’t be taken as a by-word for a non-starter. The talent is self-evident, as is the imagination, energy and craftsmanship. Whatever these guys may lack in funding and its professional feel, they more than make up for it through their vibrant and reckless enthusiasm, both from the filmmakers themselves, and in the initiative of New Volta’s organizers. The night is billed as a three hour event, so unless there’s 50+ films for your eyeball enjoyment, you can expect a chance to shoot the breeze with emerging film makers and fans alike, with the ever glamorous allure of a sneaky can of Dutch.