Thursday, April 1, 2010

Le Cool write up

This month a write up about Volta in online magazine 'Le Cool':

New Volta Film Club

Since beginning its monthly residence in Bewley’s Cafe last September, New Volta Film Club has provided ample evidence of a new generation of young Irish Film-makers unwilling to let a lack of funding hinder their craft. Showcasing an eclectic pick’n’mix of new Irish shorts and animations, the events provide young filmmakers with an audience for their work and an opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals that share their passion. Also welcome are those, like me, who can barely figure out the ‘video’ function on a digital camera. Among this months screenings are ‘Lost Cause’ by Emmet Driver, which follows survivors of an apocalyptic deluge, 'Tethered' by David Boyle, about the perils of young love, as well as the second and third installments of Seamus Hanly’s arty oddity ‘Lonely Days’. / Joey Kavanagh

April Poster

Design by Seamus Hanly...

April Volta

In the line up so far...

Diarmaid Hanly

St.Patrick has had enough.

Willy Wonka's Dippy Doo
Diarmaid Hanly

A poor boy wins the oppurtunity to tour the most egocentric and wonderful randy factory of all. It's everybody's pollutionary, anti-constitutionary, pro -infectionery factory of funk!

Craic Whores
George Kane

On their last night in Toronto, two Irish lads mingle at a Parkdale flat party while their other Irish mate struggles to find the venue. Canadian/Irish relations are damaged in a night of sex, alcohol, Gaeilge, bad breakdancing and strained conversation.

Craic Whores II
The Ballad of Slutmagic
George Kane

In the year and a half since the party, Canadians Bowman and Sandra have formed an anti-folk style band. In Dublin for their first Irish gig, they are reunited with the Irish lads, and things start going downhill in an oddly familiar fashion.

Lonely Days #1
Seamus Hanly

An unexpected encounter causes some unexpected
consequences with Seamus Hanly and Breffni O'Sullivan.

Lonely Days #2
Seamus Hanly

An awkward moment at breakfast with Seamus Hanly and Bob Gallagher.

Lonely Days #3
Seamus Hanly

A commute conflict with Seamus Hanly.

Lost Cause
Emmet Driver

A rising sea level and torrential flooding has devastated Ireland. Cillian is among a few survivors. When he runs out of petrol, and gives himself food poisoning. His life is on the line. Can he survive?

Dave Boyle

A young couple have to cope with unexpected complications in their relationship.

Demon Hunter
Zoey Kavanagh

Taryn Barker has lost everything. Her sister has been murdered. When Taryn is drawn to a mental assylum to investigate another death she finds a necklace that reminds her of one she had given her sister and realizes that the two my be linked. Taryn journeys to the darkest corners of the assylum, fighting any evil that gets in her way.