Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Poster

This months poster lovingly designed by Claire Duggan.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Volta

The line-up this month:

Utter Contempt
Seamus Hanly

An insight into the in depth madness of cabin fever

Matrix Re Somethinged
Seamus Hanly

A superior interpretation of the 90s classic.

Film Jungle
Seamus Hanly

A previously unaired TV show segment.

Eoin's Fortune
Anthony McFadden & Dom Browne

A man wanders through a re-ocurring dream, a gameshow, a birth canal and a bowling alley full of bears.

Ode to Volta
Directed by Helena NĂ­ Chonchuir

This video is about an imaginary meeting between Alessandro Volta and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly.The experiments being carried out by Volta and his contemporaries in the late 17 early 1800's, were the inspiration behind Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.

Boy's Don't Get Pregnant
Directed by Brian Dunster
Produced by Seamus Hanly

Dylan, a young boy imagines up being pregnant when his mother miscarries. Thinking he is helping by taking responsibility of the unborn child, Dylan causes tension within the family.

My Afternoon with Harold
Directed by Binne MacManamon
Produced by Jennifer Allen

A lonely man seizes his last chance
at happiness.

In This Winter Sun: A Community of Musicians
Directed by Sean Plunkett

A portrait of Kinvara, a small rural town in the west of Ireland which has become a haven for musicians from all over the world. This film analyses why musicians love Kinvara as well as the problems the town faces in modern Ireland.

The Chronoscope
Directed by Andrew Legge
Produced by Ben Keenan

When a female scientist from Ireland in the late 1930's invents a camera that can see back through time she sparks an international controversy and is kidnapped by the Third Reich who attempt to use her device to verify their race theories. After they condemn her to death she escapes using her ingenuity and disappears from history forever.

Dying on the Street
Luke Sweetman & Matt R. Nicastle

“Dying on the Street” is an eye opening glimpse into the desperate lives of homeless friends, Gary and John, trying to survive without shelter or understanding in Dublin, Winter 2006 as the Celtic Tiger roars by.