Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Volta

Directed by Joasia Goldyn
Produced by Trisha Flood

Seán, a teenage cross dresser, transforms himself into a dazzling contestant of a dance show.

The Spiderman Three
Directed by Seamus Hanly

A homage to one of the worst things that ever happened. Starring Heber Hanly as the Spiderman.

Directed by Séamus Hanly

A vibrant and fast paced video to the track 'Argh!' by Bored With Cereal.

Directed by Séamus Hanly

The trailer to a moving piece of japanese cinema that sadly never was.

(Japanese, No Subtitles)

Tog Mise Leat
Directed by Aaron O'Reilly
Produced by Brian Bourke

Late on Christmas Eve expecting to find Santa Claus in his living room Daithí makes a disturbing discovery and embarks on a remarkable journey to change the future.

Bando á Parte
Directed by Alessandra Cunha
Produced by Fernanda Parente

The film is a re-enactment of the famous Madison scene in Godard's Bande a Parte (1964). It is a new take on the scene which brings together the French New Wave and the Brazilian Bossa Nova. (Portugese, English Subtitles)

Directed by Dan Powell

A man receives a letter from his girlfriend while in the middle of a major break-up. She packs her bags as he reads the letter and he decided to try catch her before she leaves. Will he meet her on time?