Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Destructor's Manifesto

New Volta is proud as punch to be invited to screen shorts and animations at the Destructor's Manifesto Halloween Festival.
Friday October 30th
The Tivoli Theatre
Doors 7pm - 3.00am
Tickets €10

Click here to see the destructor's facebook page:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

November Volta

This Months Programme so far...

Before I Die

A very short film about mortality. Made by Ger Duffy, Orla Malone and Emmet Vincent.

PrE tZeL .
Bryan O'Sullivan & Seamus Hanly

From the creators of Lipnicki. Rockstar Doug and Uncle Gordon discover something very strange is at hand. Or do they? And is there?

Scarlett's Bodies
Directed by Charlene Lydon

An artist fantasizes over the various incarnations of his muse, Scarlett.

Drum Edit
Finn Keenan

"Seeing as my drumkit is the biggest pile of arse I decided to spice it up a little with some editing" 
                                                                                        - Finn

Unanimous Gary Breen

A collection of very short shorts by Finn Keenan, David Barry, Liam Allen, Tom Lennon, Pauric Carroll, and Jac Allen. 

Chronicles of Inchicore - Ep. 1
Ger Duffy & Daire Glynn

A Day in the life of Ger and Daire...

Directed by Maria Mulhall

Shot on location in Ricany, a small rural village on the outskirts of Prague, Czech Republic as Maria's Diploma film at Prague Film School.

Circus Porcelina
Directed by Aaron O'Reilly
Bluehair Productions

Young Celina is abused by her father in her own bed. Clutching to her doll for safety she recoils into a fantasy fairytale to stop her pain.

Birthday Cake
Diarmaid Hanly

A short sketch comedy incorporating everything from clowns to Streets of Rage.

OJ Meets Letterman
Diarmaid Hanly                                                                                         
Created as a response to a news article, 'OJ Meets Letterman' was animated through a mixture of Flash and Photoshop. 

Chronicles of Inchicore - Ep. 2
Ger Duffy & Daire Glynn

Daire and Ger take a day off...

Chronicles of Inchicore - Ep. 3
Ger Duffy & Daire Glynn

The morning after the night before...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New New Volta...

The line up for this weeks show...

White Rabbits
Claire Duggan

A Journey Home....

Music by Vienna Teng

Directed by Seamus Hanly

In a world without hope there is no tomorrow.

Starring James McDonell & Heber Hanly

Fite Klub
Diarmuid, Heber & Seamus Hanly

The movie 'Fight Club' in sixty seconds... but better

Bryan O'Sullivan & Seamus Hanly

A movie about a heist gone wrong.

Music by Milford

On His Return
Finn Keenan

A man, another man, and a blue wall...

Starring Tom Lennon and David Barry

Finn Keenan

The wild, weird, and wonderful world of feet... with a few twists.
Starring Tom Lennon, David Barry and Pauric Carrol's feet.

Directed by Tony Flynn

In the wake of his parents divorce a young boy goes on the last journey of his childhood.

3 Tears for Cecil Martinez
Directed by Anthony McFadden

When Cecil gives a sample of his DNA to a television corporation they use it to make him into a celebrity by killing him on air... Every night.

The Masterpiece
by Maeve Clancy

The Artist finishes his painting. He is convinced that it is a masterpiece, but what does everyone else think?

Harvey and Friends
by Bryan O'Sullivan

Harvey and his friends come across a stranger in this off-beat animated short.